Sonic Game Space


Sonic Game Space was a project that combined an Exhibition, Workshops, Presentations and Liveperformances,
centered around the works by a group of artists that are connected trough their work in early game console art.
Their output spans a spectrum of forms including videos, performance & live music, sculpture & installation,
often extending beyond the computer screen.

Sonic Game Space invites its audience and participants to discover a phenomenon in which a whole series of artists
use obsolete game platforms to create music and visuals which they then play in public
performances and apply in installations, prototypes for proposals exploring new forms of gaming as
well as video, animation and media art projects.

Versatility makes the videogame not just an
entertainment option, but also a powerful tool for creation and learning, a transmitter of
values, feelings and sensations on a par with other art disciplines.

Sonic Game Space investigates the concepts of playing
with and exploring the obsolete gameconsoles that have had, and continue to have, a key influence
on the development of audiovisual art and technology.