Fax til Folket


Fax & Frankering For Folket was showed at Demoteket in Copenhagen and Lydgalleriet in Bergen. Raquel Meyers, Goto80 and Jacob Sikker Remin worked with fax machines and Commodore 64. Except for internal faxing, there was an open line where people could send in their own fax works. Performed at a public gallery, it also featured the option for the audience to send their own post cards & faxes for free.

Fax & Frankering til Folket aims to make creative use of the much regarded obsolte fax technology, reflecting on its influence on society prior to the birth of the internet and email, which for a large part rendered the fax tachnology obsolete.

The fax-machine concept dates back more than a hundred years. The technology has been in place almost as long and was heavily influenced by another technology of the day -- the telegraph, the first technology that allowed humans to send information instantly to distant points via electrical wires.

A short form of the word facsimile, Fax has evolved through a number of versions to be a definition of an image (often an image of a document) sent over a phone network.

While the technology peaked in use from the late 1980s to the mid 2000’s, the ability to send an image over a wire predates Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone (technology similar to fax was in place in Europe around the time the US Civil War was ending), and is still heavily used into the world of the internet.