Mikrolabs is a nonprofit arts initiative based in Bergen, Norway founded
in 2013, that connects designers, artists and musicians working with experimental interactive & game related new media art.

Mikrolabs functions as a framework for exhibitions, concerts, workshops, screenings by artists & tinkerers.
The focus of Mikrolab is to show works and events
revolving around Playful & DIY - culture with various creative output such as
music, video, animation, games, diy equipment and other artistic output that
aims to visualise developments within new media art, and independent,
experimental audiovisual productions, as well as showcasing
exhibitions, screenings and live events to wider audience.

Mikrolabs is born out of a community of creatives that share and develops content with a
wide array of international collaborators:
artists,DIY-ers, gallery┬┤s, festivals, venues and cultural initatives.
Focussing on organising events that often include
hard work, collaboration and fun.

FACT Liverpool, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen Biblioteket, B-Open, BEK,
Atelier Nord, Kunstencentrum TOR, NU Art Stavanger,
The Tank NYC, Todays Art Festival, MUU Soundart Helsinki, MiGros Culture
Productions Basel, Lektrolab London, Media Centre Lume, 8bitklubben Copenhagen,
Laboral Centre for Art Spain, IFFR Rotterdam NL, LA Gamespace, ZKM Karlsruhe.