Make Music & Video with your Gameboy

k As part of the Micro-Event at Landmark we will also be hosting a workshop "Make sound and video with your Gameboy"
Click here for the infopage. This 3 day workshop is free - Day 1+2 will be concentrated on making music in gameboytrackersoftware, introcucing LSDJ and Nanoloop, Day 3 will be focussed on the use of video and animation with the Gameboy Camera

Micromusic @ Landmark

k The second Micromusic@Landmark evening, an evening with 8bit beats and funky chiptunes! Live: Videohometraining (NL), NES (NO), Paza (SE) and Electroluxx Soundsystem DJ´s
  • More info about the acts click here
  • Pix & Movies from the event click here
  • Landmark Program click here
  • Download the PDF Flyer

    Expo - Liveshow - Party pix Melkfabriek

    k Pictures and videos from the Micromusic Festival are online. Video´s from performances by Naomi Sample, Videohometraining, Micropupazzo, Jeroen Tel, C-Men, Fokuda, Trez & Brioche, Firestarter & DJ Indecs
  • videoclippage click here
  • pix friday click here pix saturday click here
  • mp3z from liveperformances + microjam click here

  • We also have documentation online from the Micro-Expo with Drifter TV, Cementimental, SpiteYourFace, N&S Lumiere, The C-Men, Blut ist Zeit
  • videopage click here + expo-pix click here + article in cut-up magazine
  • Micromusic Festival @ Melkfabriek

    k Yes its true! We will host an entire Micro-Weekend from Friday to Sunday with Live-performances, Dj´s, VJ´s, an audiovisual exhibition and a Take-your-gear-and-plug-it-in Microjam. So far the line-up exists out of Micro-artists from Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, the UK, and ofcourse the Netherlands.
    Click here to go the the site to check the programme, the acts and routedescriptions to De Melkfabriek s-Hertogenbosch
    + Click here to download the Flyer in PDF format

    Break-a-Party @ Landmark

    k An evening with Breakbeats! we invited Psilodumputer (SE) from the X-Dump Ninjasystemz Collective to come and play at Landmark, along with support djs Woo & Marieke for an evening with cut-up beats, breaks and other broken sounds. We made a floppydrive flyer for the event, containing 3 lowbitrate songs from Psilo, Woo & Marieke. (Floppy´s sponsored by Datakjeden) Click here for the webpage where you can find pix & vids from the evening. We also have two recordings from Psilo´s liveshow that he made especially for the Bergen gig Part-1.mp3 & Part-2.mp3

    8 Bit Box live @ Transformator

    k 8 Bit Box will play a live audio concert for Transformator , the concert will be streamed for Transformatorradio. We will sync LittleSoundDJ, all soundinputs will be mixed by Anders & Håvard along with visuals by GiF which will also be streamed.
    You can see us in realtime during the concert here.

    <Update> The concert was great - Thanks to Everyone involved!
  • Click here for the recordings at the Transformatorsite
  • Click here for some videos from the evening </Update>
  • VJ Workshop Presentation Landmark

    k Its been a productive week introducing and experimenting with diffrent VJ & Animation Software. For the presentation every participant prepared a liveset with his/her own source material. This sourcematerial varied from google-images to selfrecorded video. For the VJ evening DJ Uteq mixed electronic music, the BPM was used to mix the Visuals.
    The VJ-mixes contained both digital and analogue techniques, hard- & software, high-& low relotions, coffee & beer.
    -Webpage with workshop & presentation pictures & links to software
    -Landmark VJ Shows Movie 01 plus Movie 02 (Quicktime)
    -Many thanks to Bek & MIB, all participants and the hosts

    VJ Workshop @ Bek

    k As part of the Micro-Event in Landmark, we will host a 5 day VJ workshop in the week after the concert at BEK. The VJ workshop will be hosted by VHT with VJ-Teachers Mikal aka VJ CopenhagenBrains and Julian aka The C-Men. Here is the Flyer
    This is an open workshop for learning VJ-ing, and/or working with video, animation & motiongraphics. We will use both digital and analogue techniques and give an introduction in various forms of VJ-ing and diffrent techniques that can be used; from mixing tapes to using your computer to mix visuals,using both filmed material which can be modified as well as generating all your videomaterial from scratch

    Micro-Evening @ Landmark

    k We are organising a Micromusic evening at Landmark, filled with Chiptune, 8 Bit Funkyness and Gamebased Visuals, here is the Flyer
    Program: Videohometraining (NL) with MC Dirty Love Cop (NO) Firestarter (DE) Dj: Lektrogirl (UK) Vjz: The C-Men (NL) & Copenhagen Brains (DK)
    This event is made possible with support from Mediaverkstedet

    Update: We had a great Evening! Thanks to everyone involved :)
  • Pictures from the Micro-Evening
  • Videos from the Micro-Evening
  • 8 Bit Box @ Borealis

    k Bleep! 8 Bit Box will play live at the Borealis Festival at Teatergarasjen in Bergen. This time we will have a nice big group with Tom, Pekki, Torgeir, Rune, Gijs, Marieke & Anders. Furthermore Petter Pajchal & Gisle Frøysland will mix retro gamevisuals for the show;
    "Chiptune, Retrogames & 8 bit Gameboybeats that will simulate a UFO crashlanding on earth followed by a touching gameboy solo in the spirit of Olavi Virta, the 8 bitters tune in & sync up their gamesound melodies "

    We made a webpage with pix & mp3s from the show click here

    CEX Concert at Landmark

    k Bek resident Dalas Verdugo is currently on tour with CEX & Jakob Lodwick and will come to Bergen to give a concert at Landmark during one of Fredriks wonderfull evenings, with DJs: Anders G & Marieke
    Rjyan Kidwell aka Cex, discovered a path carved by IDM luminaries such as Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Autechre. Layering acoustic guitars, hip-hop beats, dense bass, bells and witty, catchy-as-hell Fresh Prince meets Eminem meets Bright Eyes lyrical flows, Cex is just about the freshest mashing of genres ever unleashed.
    Label: Jadetree & Tigerbeat6 // Click here for the Flyer

    BEK_DNS_Combat Livestream

    k 8 Bit Box´s Bek_DNS_Combat is a Streamed Audiovisual Concert, and will be part of this years [R][R][F] New Media Fest, curated by Eva Sjuve.
    This concert is a liverecording with audio and video where 8 bit box uses Little sound DJ, the concert is streamed from Beks server to exhibtion spaces & festivals on other parts of the world.
  • Presentated at : New Media Art Festival, Bangkok Thailand
  • Kalinderu MediaLab / Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romenia
  • Version 04 Festival, Museum for Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA

    VHTz Hometown Micro Party

    k VHT will host a MicroMusic Evening in De Melkfabriek, s-Hertogenbosch. We will have DJ´s, VJ´s, Liveperformances & Installations, the program starts about 19:00 hrs, everyone is welcome. Playing Live:
  • Lo-bat & Hyperkut, Firestarter, NHG, Videohometraining & KongKarlLand
  • DJ's: DMDN & Hyperkut
  • INSTALLATION by Post-Eat
  • Click here to download the flyer

  • We have a page up with pix & movies; thanks go out to Jasper & Melina from Stichting Alem and all the artists for their performances & great effort