Opening Thursday 9th of October, Lydgalleriet - Østre Hus for Lydkunst

Sonic Game Space, shows works by a group of artists that are connected trough their work in early game console art.
Their output spans a spectrum of forms including videos, performance & live music, sculpture & installation, often extending beyond the computer screen.
Each of them using a dirent approach and aesthetic, they have in the past collaborated on- and offline. Creating works with outdated hardware, dated machinery, classic gamecosoles, instruments & user devices.
Combining craft and technology with hard work, collaboration and fun.
  Kl. 19:00 Opening Exhibition  
  KL. 21:30 Gameboy Music Performance by Søren Andreassen  
  + Afterwords : DJ Opitz *gratis inngang

'We Live in a Time of Monsters

By Raquel Meyers

Thread of Fate

By Raquel Meyers

Raquel Meyers produces moving artworks using a Commodore 64 gameconsole.'We Live in a Time of Monsters' is an imaginary journey win the shape of text-characters (PETSCII)."We live in a time of Monsters" is a work produced on and for C64. "We misunderstood monsters who just do their job, stimulate our imagination. Like letters on a page, monsters always signifies something other than itself. "

C64 animations by Raquel Meyers and music by Dan Brannvall.

A teletext installation where you can choose your destiny with page number trigger with the remote control. Thread of fate (Teletext Norns) use a complete method of craft programmed into the computer as an oblivion metaphor of our times and fate. A storytelling about technology and mythology, a weaving dystopia in text-mode on the two-dimensional regularity of the grid.The 23th of september Teletext will be 40 years old but it's not a dead media or just news on demand service. Teletext is a defiance. An open resistance of what art and technology supposed to be. A huge, powerful, and overwhelming force in the shaped of text.

Cheap, Fat & Open

by Jakob Sikker Remin


by Jakob Sikker Remin
CFO, short for “Cheap, Fat & Open” is the name of a DIY open source instrument, installed in the gallery & ready for play and improvisation from the audience. “CHEAP, FAT and OPEN” is an open source platform for musical exploration, composition and performance. A combination of the old and new: raw 8bit tunes combined with wireless connectivity, state of the art open source hardware, and expandability – gives us that FAT sound. It is portable, allowing you to make music on the go.

Bad Engineering, shows a series of electronically modifief screens in front of fluorescent lamps. that visualise corrupted data sent into their orbits. At various selected points graphics arise.
A rather chaotic approach, much like "circuit bending", and definitely bad engineering practice, since the screens in theory should not accept to be treated that way. The visualisation of data on the disfunctional screens form an unusual esthetic and unpredictable composition.




by Jakob Sikker Remin
Memoblast is a live performance using early FAX technology, allowing anyone to show their work on the exhibition. Fax machines technology might be considered ancient, but also advanced and exclusive: It produces tangible objects from telecommunication. An image, drawing or message can be sent live to the Memoblast machine, and it will be “faxified” on the spot, and added to the “faxeunce” up for show during the exhibition. This way, anyone can become part of show.

“remin has produced answers, commentaries and queries which from a material setting examine the materiality of digital media and developments in the binary sender – receiver structure of the traditional media hierarchy over post–internet multilateral routes of communication and their implicated etheric power structures.”







kl 21:30

Gameboy Music Concert

Søren Andreasen’s gameboy performances consist of unreleased tuneful compositions and smashing beats – always with a great amount of improvisation, thus not restraining itself to classical ways of composing chiptune music. All sounds come exclusively from classic gameboy consoles with a minimum of extra added stuff, in order to stay as true to the raw sound of the devices as possible.

+ from kl. 22:00 Some danceble tunes by DJ Opitz



Workshops take place at the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, C. Sundgt. 55, 5005 BERGEN. The workshops are FREE to join, send an email to


Saturday 4th October

Workshops will take place at BEK, C. Sundgt 55


Create music and visuals focus on 8 bit aesthetics
This workshop teaches you how to perform live music and visuals with 8-bit technologies. The purpose of the workshop is to find new ways of expression in these unique tools that are often misunderstood as limiting and difficult. New ideas don’t require new technologies. In fact, old technologies often spawn new procedures, ideas, styles and goals.

No previous experience is necessary and it is sufficient to bring a standard laptop. The goal of the workshop is that the participants make a music video or a live performance together.


Build a CFO Synth

Sunday 5th of October


Want to build your own synthesizer? This is your chance.! Science Friction have been developing small modular electronic instruments for the last few years and have developed an amazingly powerful, creative tool. Come build one, it is free to attend and does not require any experience (though we need to charge 400kr to cover the cost of the electronics if you build a synthesizer). This is a self-contained instrument that can be played alone, or programmed and encorporated into a broader hardware/software based setup.

CHEAP, FAT and OPEN (CFO) is an open source synthesizer, mixed with a stylophone, a gameboy, a circuit bent toy, and then some software too it is open source and designed to be OPEN and hackable, and therefore the project is inherently messy. you can do a lot of things with CFO, but CFO has a lot of limitations as well. that's the beauty of it, go with the flow. this is NOT a finished product. many (most) things are still under development, so expect bugs! errors! glitches! -- treat them as features ;) or dig the code and change them for the better.

Synthspecs: Monophonic, 3 OSC with 8bit wavetable synthesis, FM, 2 Envelopes, digital filter